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Intelligent surveillance using cognitive analysis to alert school officials and law enforcement of potencial threats.


COVER3 surveils the environment for person of interest and prohibited objests from any camera.


Artificial intelligence uses cognitive analysis to identify and match through facial, object, and voice recognition.


Authorized personnel and security systems are automatically notified when threat cognition events match filtered criteria.

What is Intelligent Surveillance?

The use of Artificial intelligence to comb throught vast amounts of data, identifying associations, patterns, and threats while improving the application's ability to recognize people, places and objects.

We know one solution alone will not keep evil from showing its ugly head. We are not naive to the fact there are disturbed people out there who, for one reason or another, want to prey on our children while our children are in a controlled environment without defenses.

COVER3 is designed to limit and deter unstable people from easy access to our children’s schools by using cutting edge technology designed initially for the military.

COVER3 uses facial recognition to identify, isolate, and notify the SRO and others of threats before the predators can act!

  • COVER3 uses the school’s database to alert officials of non-students, suspended students, expelled students, and non-authorized personnel trying to gain access to the school.
  • COVER3 uses proprietary algorithms to learn and alert officials of anomalies; like face masks, guns, persons coming in with their hoodies up, and a multitude of other anomalies.
  • COVER3 programs third party databases into the system, like local or state law enforcement records, so known criminals cannot get close to our children without the SRO or administration being alerted. This includes sexual predators, known gang members or affiliates, and convicted murderers.
  • 4K camera can pick up from over 20ft away
  • Can detect up to 64 faces in a single frame
  • 27 Point facial match

Use Case Scenario


Within place,
threats remain just that: threats.
  • 1. Drastically reduce response time to unknown threats
  • 2. Receive alerts to known threats approaching premises.
  • 3. Identify POIs via facial recognition by utilizing several criminal databases.